Synonyms – Variety in Your Use of Language

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Although synonyms are not a typical subject in universities or colleges, many students struggle with finding suiting synonyms in academic writing. This often leads to redundancy and repetition, which may have a bad influence on the grades of academic papers such as essays or theses.

This article will provide an overview of the most searched synonyms in academic writing and help you find the relevant ones for your paper.

Synonyms – In a Nutshell

  • Synonyms define other words that entail the same meaning as a word.
  • Synonyms have the same meaning and serve diversity and variety in your language.

Definition: Synonyms

Synonyms represent other words for a word that entail the same or very similar meaning.

The word “synonym” derives from the Greek term “synṓnymos” and means that something is equivalent.

In academic writing, it is essential to avoid repetition and simultaneously keep a cohesive flow. In addition, it is not always easy to find fitting synonyms, as there are a number of words, phrases, and terms that are inappropriate to use in academic papers.

This article will navigate you through the most common and searched synonyms.

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Finding the relevant synonyms

Prior to choosing a synonym, it is vital to assess the meaning of the initial word and what it means in the context of your writing. For this, you may ask yourself whether it is a word that needs to be replaced, as it is inappropriate within academic writing, or whether it is replaced to prevent repetition.

The following table gives an overview of the most commonly used synonyms for academic writing. You can access the respective articles by clicking on the links.

Word Synonyms for Academic Writing Examples
Because As, considering, In that, Seeing as, Since

Find Example Sentences here.
Changes Adjust, alter, moderat, reform, transform

Find Example Sentences here.
Created Constructed, established, generated, composed, formulated. Find Example Sentences here.
Different Contrasting, distinct, diverse, other, various Find Example Sentences here.
Good Efficient, effective, beneficial, valuable, satisfactory Find Example Sentences here.
Great High, immense, vast, large, strong Find Example Sentences here.
Helps Aids, guides, supports, assists, serves Find Example Sentences here.
However Nonetheless, nevertheless, withal, yet, despite Find Example Sentences here.
Important Crucial, essential, imperative, necessary, vital Find Example Sentences here.
Increase Advance, broaden, boost, build up, develop Find Example Sentences here.
Interesting Alluring, fascinating impressive, intriguing, pleasing Find Example Sentences here.
Problem Complication, dilemma, issue, obstacle, trouble Find Example Sentences here.
Provide Contribute, distribute, give, provision, supply Find Example Sentences here.
Shows Displays, represents, views, illustrates, depicts Find Example Sentences here.
Strong Drastic, effective, great, intense, severe

Find Example Sentences here.
Successful Accomplished, achieved, efficacious, productive, rewarding Find Example Sentences here.
Supported Agreed with, assisted, backed, proved, verified Find Example Sentences here.
Understand Apprehend, grasp, learn, recognize, perceive Find Example Sentences here.
Use Utilize, operate, practice, apply, avail Find Example Sentences here.